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Markus Ruhl DVD - Big and loving it

In his latest film, Markus Ruhl, passionate pro-bodybuilder, reveals what it's like to balance a vigorous training routine with the demands of everyday life, when you have a body weight of no less than 326 pounds.

Big and loving it follows upon the unique style of his first film, Ruhl - Made in Germany, and features raunchy slapstick, extreme workouts, and for the first time, also includes very private and emotional moments in the life of this exceptional German athlete.

Witness how Markus Ruhl navigates the ups and downs of the pro business, and how he carves his way back up to the bodybuilding elite.


Big and loving it is a sensational 3-years-project which shows Markus Rühl and the bodybuilding sport as detailed and private as never seen before.


Big and loving it - 100% different. 100% entertaining.

More than 200 minutes!


You can choose with DVD seamless branching between nice or nasty versions, official or extended footage. So you have 5 versions of this shockumentary on one DVD!

Hours of bonus tracks show deleted scenes, outtakes and of course some hidden easter eggs.


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